Although most of the things we are working on are chocolate related, we still love all types of challenges.  Recently, my puppy, Freddy was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease in his back and began to lose control of his back legs.  He is currently going through physical therapy, and although we are hopeful for a great outcome, we are also fearful that he will have trouble with his hind legs for the rest of his life.  

I decided to attempt to make a wheelchair using the Makerbot Thing-o-Matic to help him out when he needs a rest from trying to use his legs.

The designs for the wheel chair parts can be found here:

The parts were made so that the wheel chair can be built rod by rod in order for the chair to be adaptable for all dog sizes.  The rods were printed with a 50% infill in order to make them stable.

I brought the chair home and used velcro, fabric, and wheels to try to construct the final product.  I got a bit stuck when trying to design the layout of the fabric and straps in order to support his belly and legs without hurting him.  I am still working on these designs, but what I have so far is pictured above.  

The wheelchair seemed sturdy enough for Freddy because he is a very light, small dog.  I do not know how the chair would work for a dog that’s any bigger or smaller, and I cannot vouch for the safety of the design for any other animal, I still am doing testing on my own.  

Enjoy the pictures of my little boy, Freddy!